Curved or Custom Stair Lifts

Curved or Custom Stair Lifts

Not every staircase is straight. For those that have turns, bends, landings or a sweeping curve, Handicare can build a custom rail with a perfect fit.

Your staircase is surveyed either by hand or with a photometric survey kit to ensure the best possible fit. After engineering, each piece of rail is individually bent and test assembled for accuracy. Another top5 question is “Can’t you just add a curved piece to the middle of two straights?” Sorry but no. Custom lifts have a special motor that keeps the rider straight up and down as the angle of the stairs change from sloping to flat and vice versa.

A custom stair lift has several advantages over multiple straight lifts. They are an elegant solution to a challenging set of stairs. They can travel several stories and allow riders to get off and park at each floor. The more flights you have the more cost effective a custom stair lift becomes. Often it is the only solution, such as a large radius curved staircase. The rider does not have to transfer mid flight. This is crucial for people who get light headed when they stand up or have difficulty transitioning from or to a standing position. Many people find it advantageous to ride the entire length of the stairs as one ride.

We realize this is not an item people buy to get published in “Better Homes and Garden”. However esthetically it is much cleaner looking and takes up less space overall. They offer a way to park your ride out of the way, leaving the rail on the steps for maximum clearance. The double rail design only intrudes 4 inches into the staircase. Many of the same options for folding and auto swivel seats and rails are available as with straight lifts. The single rail design offers more options for low intrusion at the lower landings.

Custom colors for the rail and seat can match existing décor giving a blended appearance.

If you are inclined to go with a custom lift, keep in mind that because of the craftsmanship and unique design, they can take upwards of 3 to 5 weeks to get manufactured and installed. Give us a call today for a free in home evaluation and price quote for the fastest possible solution.